Access modern and innovative applications beyond a simple access control tool with Passgage

The new generation controlled access system solution makes the work more enjoyable and productive.

Integrated Applications

Increase employee engagement and happiness with applications that increase productivity and performance while leveraging Next Generation Controlled Access Systems.

Expandable Features

Integrate popular applications and ERP solutions seamlessly.

Security and Compliance

Take advantage of information protection, management and reporting that is built into the Application and Management platform.


Easy and perfect solution with the latest software integrations

Passgage is fully compatible and works successfully with the common ERP and CRM applications that have been previously provided. With Passgage API compatibility, you can transfer any field and data you want, and request Passgage to process them.

You can experience it directly through the user-friendly and easy-to-use management screen, or you can provide your management through a single application by matching it to your ERP, CRM applications.