New Generation Human Resources Administration System

Fully compatible, customisable and digitised company application.
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Easy installation and management

Create impressive reports with a user friendly interface and experience the smart management portal.


Connect from wherever you want

By accessing all the data instantly from anywhere and on any device, you can continue operating your daily work easily.

Get Up-to-Date Solution

Passgage ensures that you always have the latest features and provides you with the most up-to-date productivity tools.

Low Operating Costs! Or Lower Your Operating Costs!

Bring your business together with modern technology and save money without carrying the burden of project cost and physical device maintenance.


In short, Passgage is the digitalised version of new generation human resources management. It provides you with the ability to manage your company operations and your employees from one place at a time; it’s easy to use and enables you to manage effectively.



Easy and perfect solution with the latest software integrations

Passgage is fully compatible and works successfully with the common ERP and CRM applications that have been previously provided. With Passgage API compatibility, you can transfer any field and data you want, and request Passgage to process them.

You can experience it directly through the user-friendly and easy-to-use management screen, or you can provide your management through a single application by matching it to your ERP, CRM applications.